Quick Dine View

Good To Go

Good To Go is a vegetarian restaurant, attractive to both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, committed to serving the most nutritious, local organic food in a “fast food” format, with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Reception Area

FRCH Architecture & Design Firm Office Design

FRCH, an A+D firm in Cincinnati, is opening a satellite office in Brazil. The office must reflect the creativity of its employees as well as be more condusive for group work. Their current office is lacking the playful nature that is FRCH.
The satellite office design enables better communication between floors, more space and resources, and 360 degree views, while fusing the culture of FRCH with the culture of Brazil.

Fairfield Inn Lobby (After)

Glen & Company Internship

I made changes in Photoshop to renderings of the Fairfield Inn, which had a nautical concept. I also created rendered elevations of various projects in AutoCad. I created a wall covering for the bathroom wall in the Romera New York restaurant by using quotes from the Chef himself as well as a pattern of a doctor’s prescription pad. I designed a rug for the Tryp Hotel by Wyndham in New York City. It represents the hotel’s presence in other cities around the world.

Light Fixture #1


This light fixture was made using both recycled and recyclable materials. The design was inspired by a spring rain storm and water droplets falling from the trees. It is meant to reflect the color spectrum on the walls, creating a beautiful pattern imitating that of nature.

Ticket Desk

Performance Hall

This is the lobby of a performance hall. The hall is to be used by schools as a space to support the performing arts. It is available to use for practices as well as performances of students and traveling artists just starting out.

Front View

3form Exhibition Design

3form is an environmentally friendly material that can be used in a variety of different applications. This exhibit engulfs the user in a sculptural 3form experience. It provides information through material application and a video slideshow rather than relying on the user to read its information. This exhibit stands out as its simplicity is easily understood.

Jars Drawing

Fine Arts

These fine arts projects use a variation of pencil, charcoal, and oil pastels.

Store View Bottom Floor

Chi Revolution

Chi Revolution is an interactive store selling one product, Chi, that syncs all electronic devices by touch. There is an influx of products sold to organize and manage our daily activities, but they are further complicating our lives and robbing us of the fleeting moment.